Farsi (Persian) translations and typesetting in Indesign

Conversion, translations, character outline, DTP and typesetting

What the Typesetter has to offer for your Farsi (Persian) typesetting:

Non-Western scripts

The Typesetter specialises in non-Western scripts, such as Farsi. This language is written from right to left and is read starting from the back to the front. The Typesetter turns the reading orientation around and provides a mirror image of the layout so that the target group has a finished article just like the original!

Translating Adobe Indesign files

The Typesetter can also supply Farsi translations if these have not already been arranged. As a division within All Translations, we can offer you almost every language at a reasonable price. Your time is precious, and we won’t waste a second!

If you have an Indesign file that needs translating and you need text processing as well, we can offer you a special discount. This option can even save up to 60% of the cost!
Email to info@typesetter.nl or call +31 (0)6 5064 8007 for further information.

Typesetting Adobe Indesign files

The Typesetter employs equivalent typefaces for Farsi. Consequently, the result resembles the original text. The layout of your books, brochures, manuals, labels and business cards will look smart and professional!

The Typesetter converts your Farsi Word file and imports it into your Indesign file. Next, we make an outline format (EPS) from this and insert the Farsi text in the form of an image. This avoids you having the problem of missing fonts!


The Typesetter converts your Farsi (scanned) pdf files and imports it into Indesign and/or Illustrator.