Swedish translations and typesetting

Conversion, translations, character outline, DTP and typesetting

What the Typesetter has to offer for your Swedish typesetting:


The Typesetter can also supply Swedish translations if these have not already been arranged. As a division within All Translations, we can offer you almost every language at a reasonable price. Your time is precious, and we won’t waste a second!

If you have an Indesign file that needs translating, we can offer you dtp for free!
Email to info@typesetter.nl or call +31 (0)6 5064 8007 for further information.


The Typesetter converts your Swedish (scanned) pdf files and imports it into Indesign and/or Illustrator.


The Typesetter employs equivalent typefaces for Swedish. Consequently, the result resembles the original text. The layout of your books, brochures, manuals, labels and business cards will look smart and professional!